This podcast is about two friends about to graduate, breaking down the high school social narrative. Together we reflect and question our own experiences and observations of the environment around us in school. Not many people are willing to talk about the divisions in their grade or confront the reality of individuality, but that’s what we’re here for! Maybe you have asked yourself these questions: What does it mean to be popular? What does it mean to be a floater? Are my relationships/friendships toxic? What does it mean to have true friends/partners? How do I maintain healthy relationships with others/myself? Why is high school so complicated?!

...and may have never gotten an answer. These concepts were used to guide each conversation in our episodes. The purpose of this podcast is to get people to reflect on their own social experiences whether it be a student, faculty member, or teacher. Natalia and I wanted to create a safe and honest space to evaluate different social agendas and encourage conversation rather than discussions resembling interviews. We’re hoping that each and every listener will find something they can relate to and come out with a new social perspective on those around them and themselves.

Disclaimer: We are no experts in adolescent psychology. Each episode is crafted for us to speak on the lessons and takeaways we’ve gained from experiencing four years of high school together.

Meet the Creators!

natalia rueda

Natalia Rueda is a high school senior at The Calhoun School in New York City. For recreation, she plays soccer, takes photos, and engages with her community through volunteer work. Although she has familiarized herself with a diverse array of engagements, Natalia has not had the opportunity to participate in a podcast. Alongside Fiordalise De Leon, Natalia will be taking on her first role as a podcast co-host. In Social Bash, she will share advice on adolescent cliques and how to navigate conflicts that arise in relationships. Natalia's end objective is to spread the message of staying staying true to yourself and knowing when to take the necessary step of prioritizing your wellbeing over those around you.

Fiordalise De Leon was born and raised in the Bronx with a small family of four. She loves music, poetry, art, but most importantly, she loves to treat people with kindness ;). As a passionate and curious high school student she is always asking Why? Why are things the way that they are? Her curiosity and determination to uncover the structural foundations of high school is what led to the creation of this podcast. She hopes that alongside Natalia Rueda, she’ll be able to explore different perspectives and share them with the rest of the Calhoun community. Her agenda is to share the importance of taking a step back and reflect on the presence and voices of those around you.